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Drone Training
The joke will be on him in a few weeks when animal control shows up and takes custody of his Roomba.
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Eclipse Review
I watched from a beautiful nature reserve in central Missouri, and it was--without exaggeration--the coolest thing I've ever seen.
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Eclipse Birds
'Hey! Put her down!' 'No, it's ok! The next chance for me to be carried to a blood cauldron isn't until 2024!'
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Computers vs Humans
It's hard to train deep learning algorithms when most of the positive feedback they get is sarcastic.
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Geologic Faults
I live on a torn-bag-of-potato-chips-where-the-tear-is-rapidly-growing fault, which is terrifying.
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Email Reply
I would be honored, but I know I don't belong in your network. The person you invited was someone who had not yet inflicted this two-year ordeal upon you. I'm no longer that person.
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Backup Batteries
If it falls below 20% full, my bag turns red and I start to panic.
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Bun Alert
Since buns range from crepuscular to nocturnal, it's recommended that you enable the scheduled "Do Not Disturb" mode on your phone to avoid being woken by alerts about Night Buns.
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Emoji Movie Reviews
There's this idea that emoji are bad for communication because they replace ambiguity and nuance with a limited set of preselected emotions, but it doesn't really survive a collision with real-world usage of the thinking face or upside-down smiley.
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Positive and Negative Reviews
This restaurant is great! I was feeling really sick, but then I ate there and felt better!
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City Nicknames
This place has so many demonyms. Northlanders. Fair Folk. Honey Barons. Lake Dwellers. Treasurers. Swamp Watchers. Dream Farmers. Wellfolk. Rockeaters. Forgotten Royals. Remote Clients. Barrow-Clerks. The People of Land and Sky.
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For the final exam, you take a screenshot showing off all the work you've done in the class, and it has to survive being uploaded, thumbnailed, and re-screenshotted through a chain of social media sites.
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Particle Properties
Each particle also has a password which allows its properties to be changed, but the cosmic censorship hypothesis suggests we can never observe the password itself—only its secure hash.
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If you draw a diagonal line from lower left to upper right, that's the ICP 'Miracles' axis.
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You're saying that the responsibility for avoiding miscommunication lies entirely with the listener, not the speaker, which explains why you haven't been able to convince anyone to help you down from that wall.
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Sports Knowledge
I heard they might make the wild card game, which would be cool. Do you know when that is? I have a wedding next weekend, but if it's after that we could try to go!
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4th of July
Strangely, they still celebrate by eating hot dogs. Since they don't have mouths, they just kinda toss them in the air and let them fall back down into their propeller blades. It's pretty messy.
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Emoji Movie
Some other studio should do the Antz/A Bug's Life thing and release The Dingbats Movie at the same time.
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Existence Proof
Real analysis is way realer than I expected.
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I was banned from the photography forum by concerned moderators after the end of my lens started brushing against planes as they flew by.
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