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Opening Crawl
Using a classic Timothy Zahn EU/Legends novel is bad enough, but at least the style and setting aren't too far off. If you really want to mess with people, try using Splinter of the Mind's Eye.
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Anti-Drone Eagles
It's cool, it's totally ethical--they're all programmed to hunt whichever bird of prey is most numerous at the moment, so they leave the endangered ones alone until near the end.
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Gonna feel even dumber when I realize that all this time he's been talking into a bluetooth thingy and we're not actually friends.
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Genetic Testing Results
That's very exciting! The bad news is that it's a risk factor for a lot of things.
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Doctor Visit
According to these blood tests, you're like 30% cereal.
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Machine Learning
The pile gets soaked with data and starts to get mushy over time, so it's technically recurrent.
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Rental Car
Technically, both cars are haunted, but the murder ghosts can't stand listening to the broken GPS for more than a few minutes.
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Random Obsessions
I take the view that "open-faced sandwiches" are not sandwiches, but all other physical objects are.
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Lunch Order
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Code Quality 3
It's like a half-solved cryptogram where the solution is a piece of FORTH code written by someone who doesn't know FORTH.
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Photo Library Management
A good lifehack is to use messy and unstable systems to organize your photos. That way, every five years or so it becomes obsolete and/or collapses, and you have to open it up and pick only your favorite pictures to salvage.
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Here to Help
"We TOLD you it was hard." "Yeah, but now that I'VE tried, we KNOW it's hard."
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ISS Solar Transit 2
Most people don't realize it, but they actually launch a new space station every few weeks because this keeps happening.
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'The mountains near here formed when the ... Newfoundland ... microplate collided with, uhh ... Labrador.' 'Ok, now you're definitely just naming dogs.' 'Wait, no, that's actually almost correct.'
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ISS Solar Transit
I guess it's also the right setting for pictures of the Moon at night.
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Survivorship Bias
They say you can't argue with results, but what kind of defeatest attitude is that? If you stick with it, you can argue with ANYTHING.
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No, tell the park rangers to calm down, it's fine--I put a screen on the front. I just want to get the birds a little closer.
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7 Eleven
Really, the only honest 24-hour stores are the ones in places like Arizona and Hawaii, and many of them are still wrong in certain years.
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Identification Chart
Be careful—it's breeding season, and some of these can be *extremely* defensive of their nests.
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