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Timeline of the Universe
Not actual size, except technically at one spot near the left.
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Data Error
Cyanobacteria wiped out nearly all life on Earth once before, and they can do it again!
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Flu Shot
"Wait, how often are you getting bitten by snakes? And why are you boiling water?" "Dunno, the CDC people keep showing up with complicated questions about the 'history of the property' and 'possible curses' but I kinda tune them out. At least one of them offered me the flu shot."
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AI Hiring Algorithm
So glad Kate over in R&D pushed for using the AlgoMaxAnalyzer to look into this. Hiring her was a great decisio- waaaait.
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Is it Christmas?
We've tested it on 30 different days and it hasn't gotten one wrong yet.
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Group Chat Rules
There's no group chat member more enigmatic than the cool person who you all assume has the chat on mute, but who then instantly chimes in with no delay the moment something relevant to them is mentioned.
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How To Deliver Christmas Presents
Building codes in hurricane zones rely on studies of how easily flying debris can break residential windows. If you're looking for a science fair project idea and you hate your neighbors, I'm sure they could always use more data!
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Aurora Meaning
The astro-ph.SR arXiv servers are simultaneously being overwhelmed by electronic requests and actual electricity.
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Hotel Room Party
[proudly greeting the hotel manager at the door] "Did I do aa good job?"
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the Time Before And After Land
According to Google, "the time for Beeland" is apparently whenever you're looking for delicious honey in Spillimacheen, British Columbia or a hexagonal chalet in the Savinja valley in Slovenia.
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Versus Bracket
Some works didn't make the cut; in "Ecks vs. Sever" vs. the passage of time, the latter seems to have won pretty decisively.
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Rey and Kylo
We're like 10+ movies in and the focus has been almost entirely on the WARS half.
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Machine Learning Captcha
More likely: Click on all the pictures of people who appear disloyal to [name of company or government]
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Transit of Mercury
For some reason the water in my pool is green and there's a weird film on the surface #nofilter
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Recombination And Reionization
These signals seem to be pre-star-formation but post-Malone.
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Voting Referendum
The weirdest quirk of the Borda count is that Jean-Charles de Borda automatically gets one point; luckily this has no consequences except in cases of extremely low turnout.
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Software Updates
Everything is a cloud application; the ping times just vary a lot.
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Screen Time
These new Bluetooth socks are great, but it's troubling to learn that I average almost 14 hours of Shoe Time a day.
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Terminator: Dark Fate
I was sent here to stop the robot that was sent here to protect the human who was sent here to protect the human who was sent here to destroy the robot that was sent here to vacuum the floor.
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I laugh at the software as if I'm 100% confident that it's 2019.
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